14th World Heart Congress

It is our pleasure to invite you all to the webinar “14th World Heart Congress”, which will take place on June 02–03, 2022 via WebEx.

All cardiologists, physicians, scientists, and students are invited to attend the Heart Congress 2022. Our conference gives insight into essential concepts related to current breakthroughs in cardiology and cardiac medicine in order to deliver new ideas, attitudes, methods, and tactics that have a direct impact on the field’s progress.

“Current Perspective on Cardiology Technique and Advancement” is the theme for this year’s conference. There will be keynote lectures, expert talks, seminars, and exhibitions at this conference.

The 14th World Heart Congress will keep you enthralled with seminars, scientific speeches, poster and e-poster presentations, video presentations, and workshops that will educate you on the subject. Heart Congress 2022 welcomes you all to the conference once more, making it even more unforgettable and spectacular.


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Written by Mary Ann Evans

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