Affiliate World Asia 2023

Affiliate World Asia 2023: The Premier Gathering for Elite Performance Marketers

Bangkok, Thailand – On December 7th and 8th, 2023, the global elite of performance and ecommerce marketers will converge at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center for Affiliate World Asia, the most anticipated event of its kind.

Bangkok’s vibrant backdrop perfectly complements the dynamic energy of this conference, making it a must-attend event for industry professionals.

Here are some of the reasons why you should attend AW Asia:

1. Attendees Will Learn Cutting-Edge Strategies From Speakers
Dive straight into actionable insights and discover strategies that’ll supercharge your ROI, straight from the experts who are running campaigns, experimenting, and scaling their businesses to new heights. 

Check out this preview of our speaker lineup 👇
📣 Roman Khan – Founder of, buys & operates the leading DTC brands of tomorrow—Grew Raycon, Linjer, Nutrition Kitchen, and other brands to 9-figures without any external funding
📣 Marisha Lakhiani – Chief Growth Officer of Mindvalley, the most effective life transformation platform in the world
📣 Carl Weische – Founder of Accelerated, a CRO agency working behind the scenes of the biggest and fastest growing DTC brands worldwide
📣 Liss Graham – CEO & President of Graham List Management, making millions of dollars annually for her clients via email
📣 Rory Flynn – Head of Client Acquisition at Commerce 12, experts passionate about creating innovative ecommerce solutions to scale businesses
📣 Nick Shackelford – Co-Founder of Structured, a performance marketing agency
… more to be announced soon!

2. Attendees Will Discover Actionable Insights Across 5+ Hyper-focused Tracks
Stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving space. Explore topics such as advanced testing & scaling structures, advanced ad creative strategies, ad account audit, navigating ad policy compliance, scaling vertically: Tier 2 & 3 geos, emerging ad formats, campaign bidding best practices, spy tools, and iOS 17 tracking & attribution principles.
Master the art of Google Ads with in-depth strategies from top marketers. Learn about Performance Max best practices, YouTube video ad creatives, shopping ad campaigns for Q4, quality  score performance strategies, advanced bidding & scaling blueprints, dynamic search ads formula, and audience targeting & remarketing.
Discover the future of native advertising with sessions on readapting social creatives for native, dynamic retargeting tactics, 2024 industry trend predictions, campaign optimization best practices, high converting VSL campaigns, text sales letters & examples [nutra], verified case studies, advanced DSP strategies, navigating regulatory challenges, and evolving platform & algorithm changes.
Step into the world of TikTok advertising and learn how to dominate this exciting platform. Immerse yourself in topics such as TikTok Shop strategies, cult communities, viral content trends & techniques, mastering Spark Ads, algorithm-driven scaling, TikTok policy & compliance, UGC creatives that convert, live streaming strategies, trending TikTok ad formats, and the future of TikTok ads.
Unlock the hidden opportunities of search arbitrage as we delve deep into native search campaigns, TikTok search campaigns, geo-specific arbitrage strategies, cross-platform creative hacks, localized campaign tactics, long-tail keyword methods, secret SERP page hacks, advanced A/B testing methods, and search feed provider guide.
Don’t miss our special sessions on affiliate marketing in Asia, email marketing & SMS, high-converting landing page blueprints, SEO strategies for 2024, targeted lead generation methods, generative AI video ads, top converting affiliate ecommerce offers, iGaming case studies, content marketing frameworks, business operations automation, cash on deliver in India, scalable media buying team structures, and high-ticket BizOpp funnels!

3. Attendees Will Secure Exclusive Offers From Affiliate Networks & Direct Advertisers
The bustling marketplace is where all the action will take place. Attendees will get to mingle with the top affiliate networks (360Affiliates, Optimus, Algo-Affiliates, TrafficOn, TrafficStars) and direct advertisers (Monetize Ad, Affstore) covering every vertical and niche imaginable.

But it will not end there. They will discover some of the leading traffic sources (Outbrain, AdMaven), agencies (Xapads, HasTraffic), and service providers ( by AdMedia,, AdsPower).

Get the chance to speak with a dedicated account manager, cutting exclusive deals on emerging affiliate tools and products. 

4. The Evening Networking Events Will Be Incredible (and a Ton of Fun)
As if the networking mixers weren’t enough, AW Asia will also have an array of parties with plenty of opportunities to network while having fun.

After soaking up the knowledge, look out for some extra perks at the end of each day: happy hours, rooftop sunsets, and an irresistible industry nightlife.

5. Experience Luxury on a Budget in Bangkok
Discover the perfect blend of luxury and affordability in the vibrant city of Bangkok. Known for its world-class hospitality and exquisite experiences, Bangkok offers an exceptional opportunity for luxury travel without breaking the bank.

Indulge in mouthwatering street food, dine in Michelin star restaurants, hire a private car or limousine, stay in luxury hotels, immerse yourself in the local art and music scene, and dance the night away at parties that last till dawn—all at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

Did you miss your chance to join us in Asia last year? Now is your chance to make up for it.

🎟️ Discounted tickets on sale:


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Written by Erika Tan

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