ASEAN Toys And Children’s Products Summit 2023

ASEAN Toys And Children’s Products Summit 2023April 20-21, 2023 / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


ASEAN has developed as one of the world’s key supply centers of moderately priced baby and children’s toys and garments. Products feature a unique combination of aesthetics and quality. The line boasts strong support from the larger wooden products and garments industries in the region. Competitive advantages of both sectors are also enjoyed by the smaller toys and children’s apparel segments. On the other hand, the Vietnam market for toys has reached the value of USD 5 billion which has also boosted the growth of local manufacturers.

Among all the children’s products, Toys dominate as the top product segment, accounting for close to two-thirds of total exports among featured companies. Leading international toy companies are also been moving their facilities to ASEAN to meet the growing Asian demand.

As an emerging hub for toys and children’s products, ASEAN is a market for challenges and opportunities. In this summit, we will bring the latest information on ASEAN and Vietnam’s Toys and Children’s products industries, gather experts from Government, retailers, brands, manufacturers, sourcing firms, and so on to share their views of investment situation, manufacturing, supply chain management, ethical trading, labor condition, retailing and marketing strategy in ASEAN and Vietnam market, etc.. The most updated information will help related companies to make the best decision in this ever-changing period.

Hot topics

  • Current Status and Key Trends of ASEAN Toys and Children’s Products under Changing Global Trade Environment;
  • Analysis of Vietnam’s Business and Investment Environment;
  • How will Vietnam Local Toys and Children’s Products Companies Prepare for and Seize the Opportunities of CPTPP and Other FTAs?
  • Development and Innovation of Toys Materials Based on Environmental Protection Requirement;
  • Creativity in Designing and Products Development Brings Toys Industries to the New Level;
  • Made in ASEAN: New Challenges and Opportunities for ASEAN Toys Industries Under the Carbon Neutral Background;
  • Case Study – How Smart Packaging Initiatives Transforming Toys Industries;
  • Digitalization of Supply Chain – Focused on Digital & AI Driven Data Fit Approach?
  • Panel Discussion: Opportunities and Challenges for Toys and Children’s Products Industries Leaders in the New Normal;
  • Ever Changing Supply Chain Management in ASEAN and Its Future Challenges/Trends;
  • Creating a Circular Economy: What Can International Toys and Children’s Products Companies Do to Empower Their Value Chain?
  • Use Automation and Lean Manufacturing to Make Sure the High Productivity of Toys;
  • The Latest Standard of Toys Safety Testing in ASEAN;
  • Speed to Market: How Can International Brands Build an Efficient Plan for ASEAN Market?
  • The Consumers Market of ASEAN Toys and Children’s Products, What’s the Long-Term Trend?
  • Vietnam Maternity and Baby Products Market: Consumption Preferences and Marketing Strategies;
  • Digital Operation Helping Children’s Products Growth – Exploring a New Chapter;
  • Communicating Your Responsible Sourcing Commitments to Your Custom;

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Written by Cherry Cheng

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