China & Asia Footwear Summit 2024

China & Asia Footwear Summit 2024


Date: January 18-19

Organizer: ECV International



In the critical period of emission reduction in the global fashion industry, as the second largest polluting industry after the petrochemical industry, green production in the fashion industry is urgent. The shoemaking industry has always been an area hardest hit by environmental pollution. In recent years, in order to solve the environmental pollution problems caused by the industry, footwear brands at home and abroad have been actively exploring green development models. By announcing carbon emission reduction plans and launching environmentally friendly degradable fabric products, they have helped the industry accelerate the direction of environmental protection and low carbon transformation.

China and Asia occupy a very important position in the fields of footwear production, trade, consumption and other fields. Under the current trend of sustainability and digitalization of the footwear industry, the footwear industry needs to assume the corresponding responsibility for reducing carbon emissions. Under the background of carbon neutrality and the Paris Agreement, the footwear industry chain is undergoing changes in all aspects, from the identification of raw material sources, the development of new technologies and processes to reducing consumption and improving efficiency in the production process. Not only end-product retail companies must achieve carbon neutrality, but every link in the industrial chain also needs to make corresponding changes.

This summit will invite relevant policy and regulatory departments, brands, retailers, shoe manufacturers, material suppliers, non-governmental organizations, consulting agencies and sustainable solution companies, etc., from innovative and environmentally friendly shoe material research and development, shoe procurement, In terms of digital transformation, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, sustainable technology, sustainable development, etc., we will deeply discuss the latest development status and future trends of the footwear industry supply chain in China and Asia, provide a platform for exchange and cooperation for industry players, and jointly promote the global footwear industry. Transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of industrial supply chains.

Summit Highlights

  • Status and Development Trend of China Footwear Industry under the Background of “Double Carbon” .
  • USA Policy and How that Would Affect China and Asian Footwear Industry.
  • Sustainability Guide for the Footwear Industry.
  • Implementing ESG Concepts and How to Use Green Technology to Promote Sustainable Development of Shoe Companies.
  • Footwear Materials Development and Innovation under the Sustainable Development Model.
  • How to Reduce Carbon Emissions across the Entire Value Chain of the Footwear Industry Starting from the Material Source.
  • How the “Lean-Agile” Integrated Supply Chain Strategy Reshapes the Footwear Industry Supply Chain Management Model.
  • Panel discussion: How to Achieve Green and Low-carbon Transformation of the Footwear Industry Supply Chain under the Background of Carbon Neutrality.
  • Under the Situation of Continuous Innovation, the Sourcing Strategy Adjustment Faced by China & Asia Footwear Industry.
  • Under the Wave of Digitalization, How Technology Empowers the Shoe Industry to Accelerate Development.
  • Digital Creativity Promotes Innovation in Footwear Product Research and Development.
  • Building the Future Footwear Logistics Supply Chain through Digitalization.
  • Blockchain and its Value for Footwear Supply Chain Transparency and Traceability. 
  • Leveraging the Latest Technology to Improve Footwear Manufacturing Automation and Sustainability.
  • Sustainable Innovation Spotlight: How to Use 3D Printing to Reduce Carbon Footprint.
  • Digital Retail Transformation – 3D and AI Technologies are Blurring the Boundaries between Production and Retail.

China & Asia Footwear Summit 2024 brings together industry elites and is held simultaneously using a combination of “online + offline”, with simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and English.

Welcome footwear manufacturers and other related industry colleagues to sign up to discuss the future development of the footwear industry!


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Past Speakers

New Balance 、Li & Fung Digital Product Development Center、ATOMLab、 Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association、Volumental、Li-Ning、Adidas Group、BCG、Indonesian Footwear Association…….


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Written by Cherry Cheng

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