China Corporate Renewable Electricity Summit 2023_ECV Internatio

This summit will gather government agencies, industry experts, and executives from sectors like industrial manufacturing, energy, chemicals, and automotive. It will focus on practical case studies and discussions related to green power policies, planning, standards, recent developments, corporate practices, supply chain development, energy transition, and green technology solutions. The goal is to provide valuable information and technical guidance to businesses in their journey towards green power transformation, enabling them to better understand the latest industry trends and challenges, seize opportunities, and adapt accordingly.

Event Date/ Location / Organizer

November 16-17/ Shanghai, China/Ecv International

The summit will be held in-person and online.

Event Highlights

15+ industry-leading enterprise intelligence sharing;

120+ Professional Delegates from Top 2000 Companies;

On-site communication with industry leaders and leading enterprises;

Hot Topics

Interpretation and Future Planning Path of Current Policies in China’s Green Power Industry;

Global Corporate Green Power Trading Strategy and Prospects;

How Corporate Can Effectively Engage in Green Power and Carbon Offsetting Trading under Carbon Neutrality Goals;

Trends in Green Power Trading Policies under the “Dual Carbon” Goals and Recommendations for Corporate Green Transformation;

Focusing on Diversified Distributed Photovoltaic Application Scenarios to Build a New Landscape of Green Energy;

Practicing Green Concepts in the Offshore Wind Power Industry to Facilitate Sustainable Development for Businesses;

Corporate Green Power Application – Empowering Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Development for Businesses; 

Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities for Corporate in Achieving Green Power Transformation;

How the Application and Popularization of Electrification and Green Power Reshape Energy ;

Interpreting the Role of Green Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and International Green Certificates in the Green Energy Transition;

How Green Power Facilitates the Green Transformation Path for the Steel Industry;

One-stop Digital Intelligent Green Power Management for Corporate under the Background of Double Carbon;

Green Transformation Strategy for the Manufacturing Industry: Importance and Implementation of Green Power Procurement;

Electrochemical Energy Storage Technology for Building a New Type of Power System;

Green Power Driving the Green Transformation of the Chemical Industry’s Full Value Chain;


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