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The summit will invite executives from government agencies, industry experts, industrial manufacturing, chemical, energy, automobile, daily chemical, medical, electronic appliances, food and beverage and other fields to learn from plastic sustainable policy planning, standards, and the latest developments Situation, corporate practice, circular economy, green packaging, plastic recycling, and low-carbon technology solutions and other hot content to share practical cases, providing valuable information and technical guidance for plastic enterprises in achieving sustainable development and low-carbon transformation planning , so that the industry can more clearly understand the latest trends and challenges in the industry, seize opportunities and respond to adjustments.

Summit Highlights 

Sustainable Development Planning and Policy Interpretation of China’s Plastics Industry; 

Development Status and Opportunities of China’s Recycled Plastics Industry in 2023;

Case Study – How to Use Advanced Recycling Technology to Accelerate the Development of Plastic Circular Economy;

Advanced Plastic Additives to Meet the Pressing Need for Sustainable Plastics;  

How Innovative Bio-based Materials Can Effectively Promote the Low-carbon Transformation of Plastics Industry;

Sustainability Innovation and Transformation – How to Decarbonize the Plastics Industry Supply Chain;

Innovation and Challenges of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Technology in Plastics Industry;  

Digital Transformation Helps Plastics Companies Change Production Processes and Promotes the Development of Circular Economy in the Plastics Industry;  

Panel Discussion: Under the New Normal, Opportunities and Challenges for the Plastics Industry to Move Towards Circular Economy;  


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