China Sustainable Water Management Summit 2023


Industry is one of the most important water-using departments in China. According to the ‘China Water Resources Bulletin’ issued by the Ministry of Water Resources, industrial water consumption in 2021 is 104.96 billion cubic meters, an increase of 19.2 billion cubic meters from 2020, accounting for 17.7% of the country’s total water consumption. Water affects the production of enterprises in every link, and the wastewater and carbon emissions that generated in production also bring pressure to the environment. Therefore, more efficient use of water is an important direction to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction.Join this summit to get concrete ideas and solutions on water supply & purification, water usage optimization, quality and wastewater treatment, environmental assessments, water management plans, regulations, and more. Strengthen connections to those who can make your water management solutions more effective.

Hot Points

Policies on Water Management in Industrial Field 

In order to protect water resources. How can industrial companies promote water-saving and carbon-reducing collaborative transformation? How to communicate the sustainable water management concept with upstream suppliers and finally land it? How to innovate water technologies innovation in tackling climate change?

Renewable-energy Investments to Reduce Water Risk and Carbon Emissions 

New analysis shows how companies can target renewable-energy purchases and investments to reduce water risk and carbon emissions in tandem. How to manage water and climate risk with renewable energy? 

Water Footprint Management 

What is Low Water Footprint? How to carry out organizational level LCA (full life cycle) water footprint research and management? How to calculate the water footprint of the product life cycle according to international standards? 

Circular Water Economy 

Circular economy for water is concerned with the alternative technologies and practices that allow the shift of focus from exploiting new non-renewable water resources to the recovery of wastewater and renewable water resources. How to increase the uptake of circular water solutions? 

Innovative Technologies Improving Wastewater Treatment 

As people use water in various industrial processes, the y tend to pollute it. To protect the environment and ensure people have clean drinking water, people need to treat wastewater. Advanced treatment technology makes industrial water use environmentally safe and economically viable.

Wastewater Recycling 

What are the challenges in improving the efficiency of wastewater recycling? What innovative technologies are available for waste water r e c y c l i n g ? How can recycling wastewater benefit your operation?

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Who Should Attend?

Industries: Consulting、Chemicals、Pharma、Food & Beverage、Apparel & Footwear、Cosmetics、Energy & Oils & Gas、Leather、Steel、Cement、Agriculture、Printing & Dyeing、Non-ferrous Metal、Pulp & Paper、Water Technology Providers

Attendees:President/ Vice President / CEO / COO、Sustainability VP/Director/Manager、Vice President for Environment & Climate、Manufacturing Sustainability Director/Manager、Environmental Compliance Manager、Water Resource Management Manager、Principal and ESG lead、Water and Wastewater Treatment Manager、Water Treatment/Process Engineer、Water Technology and Innovation Lead、Head of Carbon and Circular Economy、Water Services Business Development VP/Director/Manager、Head of Water Affairs


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