Clear your Money blocks on Unmissable week with The Decrees!

Imagine 5 consecutive days of Clearing money blocks with The Decrees! With replays! 

5 consecutive days of working towards $100,000!

By the time we are done you will have 5 MP3s of blocks-BUSTED!

What if your money story is totes transformed by the 13th!


From 9th – 13th

1. We meet at 6pm IST on Instantteleseminar (Audio calls) everyday for 30 mins. You will get the call links to join as soon as you register

2. Each day we take one kind of money story and clear it or increase it 

Day 1 – we are clearing the programs for ‘I don’t get what I want’

3. What we do on the call will be decided by the common factor in the group. For instance, if quite a few people say debt, then we shall clear that for the day. If quite a few people ask for increased money flows, we shall work on that for the day!

4. Everyday we check on money opportunities or messages or gifts or joys that show up! Keep in mind that we made the intention for $100,000! 

How cool, right!

The week’s work is worth USD 247/Rs 18K but you… Pay as you like!

The Decrees are a set of one, two, three or four words that work at the speed of thought & give instantaneous results that you can sense and feel immediately! 

They take just a few seconds to say and are the fastest manifesting tool in the world!

Are you in? Or are you in! 

Please sign up to receive Decrees, Replays, Reminders and Updates on email.


Aleesha Agarwal:

I want to share something amazing that happened…. 

The amount i paid for the unmissable week in the morning…. One of my client’s booked an animal communication of the exact same amount ..

Within hours the money got credited!! Sudden!! And Super!!

Got the money back already that i paid….. it’s raining monies Nidhu  Thank you!!!

Heidi R:

Yeah! I got 2 more clients for a big package today


What do you think?

Written by Drishti Talreja

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