Dane Marks webinar about The Law of Attraction

How to use the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is the law of attention and focus. It works quite simply by putting more of your attention on the things you want, than the things you don’t. The issue that many people who come to us face, is that to many distractions prevent them being able to focus on the things that matter to them. distractions like work, life problems, media, social media, commitments and the stresses of daily life.The Power of Self Ministry is open to all people who need a powerful support group to help them get from where they are to where they want to be. We are non-denominational and we are here for everyone regardless of race, sex, sexuality, disability, age etc. We are here for you, and to give and support you with the tools you need to excel and thrive in life.The Power of Self Ministries is an organisation that is set up to give its members the tools to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.


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