Design an Infographic Game in Roblox-Workshop

Learn how to design an infographic game experience in Roblox.Students will learn how to pass information through game world design. SAVE YOUR SPOT

Please be aware this is one of our ongoing group classes your child could join and watch, but there won’t be a personalized instructions for your child.In order to get a better one on one experience you can book a private trial with us.

•The charges for the trial class are $15 which will be deducted from your monthly payment incase you get your child enrolled.

•Only one trial class can be booked for a specific course.

•For coding class bookings incase you’re not sure what program to choose for your child, our instructors will be available to help you choose the right program for your child.

•For math class during the trial we will do an assessment of your child & send you the details afterwards.

About Kiddy School

Kiddy School is a digital and IT virtual learning environment for K-12 students.Our goal is to ensure every kid explores their pathway to digital literacy and can compete globally.

We offer private, semi-private classes and summer courses for K-12 kids for the following programs:

– Programming;

– Graphic Design and Digital Art;

– Video Editing and Youtube

and more.

A learning journey includes:

– certificates of achievements.

– competitions and reward system.

– virtual classroom and progress reports.

– chat with the teacher and homework help.

– unlimited live workshops every month.


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