Europe Supply Chain Decarbonization And Sustainability Summit

Europe Supply Chain Decarbonization And Sustainability Summit 2023

November 29-30, 2023 / Frankfurt, Germany


Since the launch of the Green Deal in 2020 the European Commission has introduced several policy proposals with the goal to support Europe’s goal to become climate-neutral by 2050. How can businesses meet the increasing regulatory requirements and meet the expectations of EU policymakers? Decarbonization of supply chains is essential for achieving this target. Join this summit to get concrete ideas and solutions on the practical implementation of a carbon-neutral supply chain; explore how to reduce the scope 3 emissions generated in the upstream and downstream value chain.

Hot Points

European Green Deal and Supply Chain Decarbonization 

Create Transparency Across Value Chain 

Optimize for CO2

Engage Suppliers 

Push Ecosystems

Enable Your Organization

Day 1

1.European Green Deal: How Supply Chain Decarbonization and Sustainability Fits Europe’s Goal to Become Climate-neutral by 2050

2.From Disruption to Advantage: Supply Chain Resilience and Decarbonization in Europe

3.Build Scope 3 Carbon Accounting Ecosystem

4.Climate Management System for Climate Protection in Supply Chain

5.Reduction Roadmap for Supply Chain Decarbonization

6.Accelerating Sustainability across the Automotive Value Chain

7.Leverage Data and Analytics to Deliver End-to-end Sustainability Capabilities across the Entire Value Chain

8.Engage Supplier to Visualize Carbon Footprint Data across Supply Chain in Chemical Industry

9.Setting the Standard: Digitization and Sustainability in Supply Chain

10.Panel Discussion: How to Manage Scope 3 Emissions To Meet EU Net Zero Goals

Day 2

11.End to End “Zero Carbon” Supply Chain Management

12.Decarbonizing the Automotive Supply Chain: How Automotive Suppliers Can Accelerate the Sustainability Programs

13.Leading Sustainability Initiatives by Procurement

14.Carbon Footprints Analysis of Supply Chain Based on Life Cycle Assessment

15.Logistics Decarbonization Process in Europe

16.The Sustainable Development of Manufacturing Base Supply Chain Logistics, Green Effect of Large Smart Warehouses

17.Digital Technology Empowers Green Sustainable Supply Chain Management

18.Panel Discussion: How to Build Supply Chain Decarbonization and Sustainability Ecosystems


Who Should Attend?

• Industries

Consulting; Food and Beverage; Home Appliance; Vehicle & Auto Parts; Luxury Goods; Apparel & Footwear; Electronics; Healthcare& Pharma; Chemicals; Energy & Oils & Gas; Bags & Suitcases; Infant & Mom; Retailers; Supply Chain & Logistics; Software

• Attendees

CEO; SC VP/Director/Manager; Logistics VP/Director/Manager; Logistics; Sustainability Director/Manager; SC Sustainability Director/Manager; Purchasing Sustainability VP; Responsible Purchasing Director/Manager; Warehouse Director/Manager; Value Chain Sustainability Director/Manager ; Sustainability/ Climate VP; Climate Director/Manager; Environmental Sustainability VP/Director/Manager; Operation Sustainability Director/Manager


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Written by Cherry Cheng

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