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The increasing global production and use of plastics have led to plastic pollution becoming a major global environmental and health concern. Plastic waste accumulates on land and in the oceans, causing serious impacts on wildlife, ecosystems and human health. A growing number of countries and regions have adopted plastic restriction measures, including banning single-use plastic products and promoting plastic recovery and recycling.

This European Sustainable Plastics Summit aims to promote communication and cooperation between different stakeholders in the plastics industry, discussing on the trending topics about bioplastics, recycled plastics,brand’s efforts on plastic low-carbon circularity. advanced mechanical and chemical recycling technologies, plastic waste to fuel, and so on, to drive socially & environmentally responsible production, consumption, and disposal of plastics and accelerate the development of sustainability and circular economy.

Event Highlights

16+ industry-leading enterprise intelligence sharing;

150+ Professional Delegates from Top 2000 Companies;

On-site communication with industry leaders and leading enterprises;

Partial Topics

Role and Potential of Bioplastics in a Low-carbon Circular Economy;

Bio-based Plastics for a Sustainable Future;

Advanced Plastics Additives Escort the Journey to Environmental Sustainability;

Automotive Supply Chain Sustainability and Decarbonization: Demands on Sustainable Plastic Material and Its Application;

Bioplastics Certification – Guiding a Clearer Path to Bioplastics Application;

Panel Discussion: How Plastics and Its Related Companies Can Make Joint Efforts to Promote a Low-Carbon, Sustainable Transition in Plastics;

Automation Helps with Increased Efficiency and Sustainability for Plastic Production Process;

Embracing Bioplastics in Packaging;

Developing Bioplastics to Reduce the Environmental Impact;

Creating Comfortable and Healthy Children’s Products with Bioplastics;

We sincerely invite industry associations, consulting firms, oil&gas, chemical, plastic manufacturing, certification, automotive, packaging, consumer goods, medical, building and construction, recycling and waste management, machinery and equipment, smart technology suppliers, process technology providers , policy and legislative units, environmental organizations and other related enterprises register and attend the conference to promote communication and cooperation between different stakeholders in the plastics industry.

If you are interested,please contact us or register using below link.

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European Sustainable Plastics Summit 2023