Feel good enough in 2 minutes with Nidhu B Kapoor!

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Feel good enough in 2 minutes!

We all have that voice in our heads. The voice that holds us back, controls us and stops us from doing what we know in our deepest of hearts, we can do.

How many times have you had a great, nay, brilliant idea and then talked yourself out of it? Or been talked out of it?

Whether it is contributing at a meeting, standing up to a bully, making an important life decision, Receiving a compliment, taking up a new activity, maintaining healthy relationships, being your best physical body or feeling genuinely grateful, satisfied and content, the inner critic is quick to shame, lessen and crush us.

It is the opposite of love and worthiness in us and uses guilt, blame, self doubt, perfectionist disorders to trip us. It gets in the way!

Not only does it hold us back, it also does not let us focus on goodness, abundance and the many blessings we all have and as we all know, focusing on lack (an inner critic speciality!) is no way to manifest a good life.

It does so with the biggest message of ‘I am not good enough’

Wherever and whoever gave you this message, it is possible to switch it and that too in just 2 minutes! Experience the World’s fastest transformative tool for the world’s most debilitating belief system

Call date: June 28


USA – 1pm PT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET

UAE – 12 midnight (June 29)

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Written by Drishti Talreja

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