FREE Masterclass: Manifest Your Health Goals Naturally

FREE Masterclass: Manifest Your Health Goals Naturally with Dr. Kkity S Sancheti

PLUS 9 more healers’ live calls & replays.

PLUS GET Gifts: Astrology-Rudraksha E-book & Stress-buster Audio


• Understand health in a super easy way!

• Know the importance of sleep, digestion, rest and sensory awareness in healing.

• Know how you can heal fever without medicines

• Live reading and remedy demos!

• ALL EXPERIENCE: A sensory relaxation process for body awareness.

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BK Niha healed corona within 7 days of working with Dr. Kkity and felt energetic and healthy

Rekha healed her negative thoughts and physical symptoms like constipation, acidity, stress, gas and more, Her gut is now stronger and her constipation is gone

Within a few days of little tweaks in lifestyle suggested by Dr. Kitty, Vrutika felt more energetic, lively and transformed her mind too!

Divya regained her health and gained a beautiful life perspective after working with  Dr.Kitty

Seema is not just physically fit but mentally too with Dr. Kkity’s explanations and selfless work!

Bhumika’s life transformed and see a lot of positive changes post working with  Dr. Kkity

ABOUT Dr. Kkity:

Dr.Kitty began with Homeopathy with special importance to mental health and her quest to healing led her to many more healing modalities like reiki, shamanism, ancestral womb healing, access consciousness, sleep and relaxation scientist and various other natural healing modalities and even counselling, nutrition, yoga.

With a holistic approach and understanding the human body and its functioning on all levels including physical, emotional, mental and psychological.

Uplifting others through candid conversations, natural healing modalities like food, breath, movement, nature, connecting with oneself which led her to culminate towards a journey of Sleep empowerment.

Dr. Kitty helps you to create a perfect internal environment to thrive externally. No medications and only simple tools to bring shifts!

Sign up free to know more on Dr Kkity’s call on 11th April 2023 (replays available too) :


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