FREE Masterclass: What is your body telling you? Listen!

FREE Masterclass:  What is your body telling you? Listen! with Janki Ravani

PLUS 9 more healers’ live calls & replays.

PLUS GET Gifts: Astrology-Rudraksha E-book & Stress-buster Audio


• Signs your body is asking for attention

• 5 things your body wants you to know NOW!

• Why you should not say negative things to your body, not even in jest!

• BODY NOTIFICATION CHECK – it will reveal, in which body part(s) are you holding stuck energies

• How to create your own First-Aid happy health toolkit

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Using Theta Healing, Core Somatic Integration, EFT, Ho’oponopono, Janki helps people tune into their body, tap into our cellular memory & messages to resolve & heal them thereby bringing ease and joy back into our lives!

An International Happiness Coach & Somatic Integration Therapist, Janki Ravani has been recognised as a Global Happiness Leader at the World Congress 2020 and has won an award for Innovation in Happiness at the Women Entrepreneurs Enclave in 2019!

Janki is a believer of healing from the core, be it physical or emotional, which helps people with more possibilities and be more in charge of life.

Janki is changing lives & creating magic wherever she goes. She has helped change the lives of 100s of people with her unique, easy-to-apply techniques and thought processes.

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