Full Moon Zodiac Special Call with NBK- 30th August 2023

One of the fun things we have all enjoyed is knowing our Zodiac sign (sun sign). I am sure you know what yours is!

On today’s call, we will delve into it a bit deeper. For instance a Fixed- Water sign like scorpio is a workholic  and so a crucial team player but also needs to manage stress and fear by working with the index finger for their most optimal health and wealth

A Leo is also a Fixed sign but with Fire so the way they work is different from a Scorpio. They can get aggressive about getting their way and will ultimately need autonomy for their best health and wealth

More on today’s call with Nidhu B Kapoor, owner and sharer of the World’s fastest healing modality, The Decrees aka Word Medicine.

By 2nd September, Jupiter would have gone retrograde!

Happening as it does close to Mercury and Uranus retrograde, our unresolved and unacknowledged childhood emotions will take center stage and our tummies would reflect this – we could feel bloated, sluggish, lethargic or conversely, full of beans!

What is the Super Full Moon revealing to you?

Jupiter is also all about the joy of learning (unlike Saturn who is the master teacher but is quite strict)!

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Written by Drishti Talreja

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