Global Textile Carbon Neutral Summit 2023

Global Textile Carbon Neutral Summit 2023

Event Background

In the context of promoting a low-carbon economy and advocating clean production, the textile and apparel industry has a responsibility to reduce carbon emissions. Carbon neutrality in the textile industry has garnered widespread attention in today’s society, and low-carbon transformation and technological development have become key focal points. However, the complexity of the textile supply chain has resulted in only a few companies in the global fashion industry disclosing their carbon footprint and supply chain emissions. Promoting low-carbon transformation is inevitable and requires active measures at every stage of the entire industry chain, not only for retail companies to achieve carbon neutrality in their end products. By introducing new technological advancements and promoting clean production, improving energy efficiency, the textile industry can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, gradually working towards carbon neutrality goals. At the same time, strengthening supply chain collaboration and transparency, and promoting carbon footprint disclosure are also crucial for driving the sustainable development of the entire industry chain.

Based on the background of carbon neutrality, Global Textile Carbon Neutral Summit 2023 will focus on how the textile industry can promote the dual carbon policy. We invite relevant policy regulatory departments, brands, retailers, textile manufacturers, material suppliers, non-governmental organizations, consulting firms, and sustainable solution enterprises to share and exchange practical methods.


Event Date/ Location

October 24-25, 2023 / SHANGHAI, CHINA

The summit will be held in-person and online.


Hot Topics

Development Status and Changing Trends of China’s Textile Carbon Policy; 

Interpreting Carbon Border Tax and Their Impacts on the Global Textile Industry; 

How to Reduce Carbon Emissions Across the Entire Value Chain of the Textile Industry Starting From the Material Source; 

Case Study: Roadmap to Achieve Net Zero Emissions in the Apparel Industry; 

Focusing on Sustainable Strategies: Fiber Innovation Technologies and other Innovative Materials in the Textile and Apparel Industry; 

The Latest Technology Standards and Certifications for Carbon Neutrality Measurement in the Textile Industry; 

Circular Design – How to Drive Green and Low-Carbon Development through Design Innovation; 

Practices and Exploration of Zero-Carbon Factories in the Textile Industry;

Panel Discussion: Achieving Green and Low-Carbon Transformation in the Textile Industry under Carbon Neutrality Context; 

Green Supply Chain Management for Carbon Neutrality in the Global Textile Industry;

Shaping the Brand Image of Textile through Synergistic Optimization of Innovative Technologies and Supply Chain; 




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Written by Cherry Cheng

Global Textile Carbon Neutral Summit 2023

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