Marvellous Mercury Retrograde! Chasing the Light & ExaBrain Call

All planets go retrograde, but the one that is gaining fame is Mercury retrograde

The quickest planet in our solar system, Mercury, goes retrograde 3-4 times in a year and these are times we go MENTAL!! Delays, misunderstandings, computer and digital crashes are just some of his retrograde symtoms that we are all familiar with BUT there is much much more to Mercury’s retro phase than that!

All retrogrades are potent periods of healing and since Mercury goes retrograde more than any other planet, his retrograde cannot be ignored

His next retrograde is around the corner, but perhaps you are already experiencing the onset with volatile, dramatic relationships, a desire to hook up with an ex or even thinking quick rich schemes (watch out for these, by the way!)

Know it all on 29th, including the ONE MINUTE work to totally switch into your innate power

Learn to Work WITH Merc retro, not against it and see how much more rapidly you move ahead, upwards and onwards!

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Written by Drishti Talreja


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