New Moon negativity Removal Special Call with Nidhu B Kapoor

Join owner and sharer of The Decrees (fastest word medicine) Nidhu B Kapoor, on a free call on New Moon negativity removal Special.

New Moon shines a light on hidden emotions and is a potent time for clearing our energies. Join us on our call on 14th September 2023 at 6:30pm India time/ 9am ET.

As Mercury retrograde prepares to complete its retrogression by 15th, It also means you will feel much lighter and better this week!

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You will sense the shifts immediately as you say these power packed words, including the one Great Word that can move mountains! Word Medicine works in moments and there’s nothing faster in the world! It is the language of light, the language of ascension, the language of the superconscious and best of all, you will be able to use them too once you know them!

Owner & sharer of these supersonic Commands, Nidhu B Kapoor is the world’s only practitioner doing 5 and 10 minute sessions, that’s how quickly Word Medicine works!

All you need to do is light a candle before the call and keep two halves of a lemon on either side of you and come along for some amazing shifts.


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Written by Drishti Talreja

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