Saturn's Decrees Crash course with Nidhu B Kapoor

Saturn’s Decrees is the foundation for all Decrees and is a must-know & must-have for all Decree lovers, Decree enthusiasts & Decree students!

It’s a pay-as-you-like package & you will get the call replay + notes + 1 hour Live Call on 13th May 2023 at 8.30pm India / 11am ET (replay will be shared)

What are The Decrees?

The Decrees are action statements on steroids or mantras in English that work in SECONDS! These are cosmically charged words / commands. Speaking them takes a couple of SECONDS and the shifts they bring ALSO take just a couple of SECONDS! Since the law of attraction states that our internal reality creates our external reality you will not just feel better but also see results in your money, health and relationships (including an organic connection with the Universe).

This pay-as-you-like package includes:

• Pre-recorded audio call (approximately 2 hours) & PDF Notes with –

✓ Karma Completion Decrees

✓ Four Foundation Decrees

• Temporary Telegram Group

• PLUS 1-hr Live class on 13 May at 8.30pm India / 11am ET

(replay will be shared)

Are you ready to:

✓ Take charge of your day and life!

✓ Become a Manifesting master with The Fastest process in the world!

✓ Help yourself, help your family and help your friends!

All WITH The Decrees, the words that help heal, clear, attract and manifest. They are not affirmations and they are not switchwords, they are in a supersonic category of their own!

Pay in USD:


Pay in INR:

Please mention “Saturn Decrees” while making the payment.


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Written by Drishti Talreja

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