Socio-Economic Viability Project Global Conference

Socio-Economic Viability Project Global Conference Dates: 30 & 31st October

Dive deep into revolutionary initiatives poised to navigate global challenges and reshape our economic landscape. Embrace invaluable networking opportunities, engage in live dialogues with industry experts at the Grand Hyatt Dubai, or partake via our online streaming platform.

Highlighted Events Include:

  • Socio-Economic Viability Project Presentation by UNIFIN ApS: A deep dive into the project’s vision and strategy.

  • Global Reorganizations Overview: A focus on making ecological, social, and sci-tech initiatives prime investment targets.

  • Single Cost Equivalent Concept & Transaction Methodology: Addressing governmental reserves and international transactions, this presentation unveils a seamless method for financial processes.

  • Hi-Tech Insights for Crypto Regulation: Explore cutting-edge solutions that simplify and regulate cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Future Technologies Showcase: Discover innovations set to elevate asset quality and factors contributing to our civilization’s sustainable future.

  • Media Briefing: An interactive session for press and media representatives.


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Socio-Economic Viability Project Global Conference