Tell It Now PR & Marketing Conference Clinic

Tell it Now PR & Marketing Conference™ is a registered trademark event designed for small to mid-size businesses with a central focus on PR & Marketing enhancement. As a Public Relations and Marketing Firm, I have seen firsthand accounts of small/mid businesses not being able to compete because of a lack of business development, technology, resources, and more!  

We have created a community where early-stage businesses find the necessary elements to launch, grow and succeed. A community where all aspects of the system converge allows entrepreneurs to have meaningful opportunities with others so they feel comfortable collaborating to produce more sustainable and dynamic ventures, which yields economic growth.


CONSULTATIONS: Meet one-on-one with our marketing experts for 30-minute consultations that will give you both inspiration and direction to take your current marketing and recruitment efforts to the next level.

SUCCESS STORIES: Learn from trainers who are succeeding at marketing using leading-edge approaches that don’t bust their budgets.

LIVE INTERACTIVE CONFERENCE: Hear directly from expert trainers—what they want you to know; what’s helpful and what’s not—during this interactive specific industry session Q & A and clinic discussion.


Date: March 16, 2023 (The Great Hall 1900 S. Germantown, Rd~ Germantown, TN)
Full-Day Conference/Clinic
Hours 9 am-7 pm


Networking /Featured Businesses  Showcased & Recognition for the following areas:
Veteran Business-Most Unique Business- Best Non Profit

Session 1-Featuring Expert, Sharen Rooks, (Marketing Done Right), Professionalism, Business Integrity, Mentoring/Coaching Guidelines

Session 2-Featuring Expert, Attorney Angela Green, (Green Law Firm), Legal Business Structure

Session 3- Featuring  Expert, Sharen Rooks (Public Relations Practitioner) IT Support, Computer Knowledge and Understanding of how to be tech savvy in this generation, Marketing Done Right™ concept.


Session 4 Featuring Expert, Xclusive Memphis, Laquita Jones, Image Perception, Building Consistency, Promotions

Session 5 Featuring  Expert, Sharen Rooks (Public Relations Practitioner), The process of PR & Marketing, Concept Development, Brand Awareness, Marketing Strategies, Myths, and Effective Tools and Techniques for A Successful Business,

Upon registration, 1 business will receive 1 year of FREE services from all experts!


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Written by Sharen Rooks

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