The 2nd China Automotive Carbon Neutral Summit 2023

Event Background

As the world increasingly recognizes the devastating impact of climate change, governments, organizations, and individuals are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming. And with the development of electrification and connected technologies, the automotive industry value chain is experiencing transformation. The transformation also creates many new opportunities for automotive industry to decarbon and being more sustainable.

The 2nd China Automotive Carbon Neutral Summit 2023 will provide a platform for industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to discuss strategies for reducing carbon emissions in the automotive sector. The experts will share decarbonization strategies from different sectors, such as policy, supply chain, ESG, alternative power solutions, automotive material innovation, legal and so on.

By bringing together stakeholders from across the industry, the summit aims to accelerate progress towards carbon neutrality in the automotive sector and contribute to broader efforts to combat climate change.

Event Date/ Location / Organizer

Oct. 19-20, 2023 / Shanghai, China/ ECV International

The summit will be held in-person and online.

Hot topics

  • Trends of Automobile Industry Policies and Regulations under Dual Carbon Targets
  • A Holistic Supply Chain Decarbonisation Approach
  • Supply Chain Sustainability Management
  • Sustainable Material Enables Automotive Industry Carbon Neutrality
  • Analysis of China’s Auto Industry to Deacrbon and Green Development Transformation Path
  • Case Analysis of Carbon Emission Management in the Full Life Cycle of Automotive Batteries
  • Digital Technology Accelerates Automotive Industry Carbon Neutrality Progress
  • Technological Innovation Helps Achieve Zero-carbon Goal
  • Panel Discussion: Towards Net Zero
  • Legal Advice for Automotive Carbon Neutral Planning
  • ……


OEM ; Environmental Policy Formulation Unit ; Complete vehicle manufacturer ; Semiconductor manufacturer ; Solution Vendors ; Infrastructure Supplier ; Solution Integration Vendor ; Automotive Innovatie Material Supplier ; Autopilot Solutions Provider ; Automotive Interior Material Supplier ; Spare Parts Supplier ; Automotive Testing and Certification .

The 2nd China Automotive Carbon Neutral Summit 2023 is looking forward to your arrival !

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