The 2nd China Automotive Carbon Neutral Summit Speaker Preview

🚗🔌 Mr. Hermann Stockinger, the visionary CEO of Easelink, is all set to take the stage at The 2nd China Automotive Carbon Neutral Summit 2023. Join us as he dives into the captivating realm of electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy integration, focusing on the game-changing topic: “The Crucial Role of Automated Charging in EV and Renewable Energy Integration.”

Mr. Stockinger as founder and CEO of Easelink is an entrepreneur fully dedicated to shaping a sustainable future and facilitating e-mobility at scale. Easelink is a European high-tech company that focuses on the development of sustainable automated charging technology for electric vehicles. Hermann studied in Austria, England and Mexico holding a master’s degree in Energy- and Environmental Engineering and Business Economics. Starting his automotive career at BMW Group Munich he soon began his visionary work in the field of e-mobility. With his passion in environmental engineering and a vision for an e-mobility concept, he founded Easelink in 2016. His and the company’s vision is to set up an automated and globally standardized charging system, with the so-called Matrix Charging® technology, for high-volume vehicle models in place. To implement a global Matrix Charging® standard, Hermann together with his global team is working with leading international automotive and supplier companies on the basis of licensing models. The licensees can market the system independently, which enables the best possible scaling of the technology and business model across manufacturers.

Let’s drive towards a greener and more sustainable future together! 🌱🚗🔌


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Written by Cherry Cheng

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