The 2nd China Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2023_ECV Interna

With soaring use of packaging in Chinese market, China has become the largest packaging market in the world, and the burden on ecology caused by discarded packaging in the environment has also been aggravated at the same time. However, with consumers’ greatly improved awareness of sustainable development, enterprises’ improved awareness of environmental protection and the introduction of national mandatory environmental protection policy, it is increasingly important to achieve sustainable development of packaging. How can enterprise know consumer’ attitudes towards sustainable packaging? How to implement strategy of sustainable development of packaging, and seize opportunity of growth in time? How to promote development of sustainable packaging by digital technology? How to set up recycling system in line with China’s local market to improve packaging recycling?

Hot Points

Insight into Sustainable Packaging Consumer 

Packaging Carbon Neutral 

Innovate Sustainable Packaging Value Chain 

Innovate Environment-friendly Materials for 

Flexible Packaging 

Intelligent Packaging 

Packaging Circular Economy 


Consecutive 2th year,Offline sharing+online live broadcast;

20+Industry Leading Company’s Intelligence Sharing;

Plenary Forum + Flexible Packaging Innovation Sub-forum+Packaging Digital Technology Innovation Sub-forum ;

120+ Professional Delegates from Top 2000 Companies;

Brand owners, such as Kraft Heinz, Unilever, Beiersdorf, Cargill, L’Oreal,

Henkel, H&H, Nestle, Coca-cola share the latest trends and case studies

of green packaging. Meanwhile, leader in packaging recycling industry such as Tomra tells us how to innovate the packaging circular economy in the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutral. 

Target customers

Consulting、Food & Beverage、Home Appliance、Agriculture、Daily Chemical 、Cosmetics 、Paper Packaging 、Plastic Packaging 、Ink Printing 、Label 、Chemical 、Materials 、Recycling 、Solutions 、Electronic 、Product 、Pharma and so on.

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Europe Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2023_ECV International