The 4th China Luxury Digital Innovation Summit 2023

The 4th #China #Luxury #Digital Innovation #Summit 2023 will be held soon.👏 👏

🕰 Time: June 26-27

📍 Location: Shanghai, China

The summit will be held in-person and online, if you are interested in attending, you can contact us or visit the summit website.

The 4th China Luxury Digital Innovation Summit 2023 is looking forward to your arrival! 😄 😄



The 4th China Luxury Digital Innovation Summit 2023 organized by ECV will be held in Shanghai from June 26 to 27. The summit will be held in-person and online.

This conference will focus on discussing the main digital strategies and trends of the luxury industry in the post-epidemic era, discussing how digital technology can become an effective means and key medium for communicating with consumers, how to make online consumer insights, and how to achieve carbon neutrality. In the context of how the luxury industry responds to climate change and promotes sustainable development. The summit will provide brand owners with a recipe for building their ability to achieve long-term digital transformation while maintaining luxury brand heritage in a digital world to win the Chinese market in 2023 and beyond.

部分议题 Partial Topics










Opportunities and Challenges for Luxury Goods Development under the New Market Structure

Metaverse Marketing: Pushing Traditional Boundaries to Create an Immersive Shopping Experience

How Should Luxury Brands Closely Track Consumer Dynamics in the Digital Age?

Luxury Full-touch Marketing: From the Classic Retail business Model to the Challenge of Digital Construction

How Data Driven Marketing & Personalization Change the Game in Luxury

Fashion Luxury in China Social Digital World

In the Post-epidemic Era, the Trend and Prospect of Chinese Consumers Returning

Hotel Innovation and the Creation of Competitive Advantages

Sustainability Concept Empowers Brand Marketing


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