The 5th China Manufacturing Digital Transformation Summit 2023

Date:June 12-13,2023


Summit Background

China is the world’s largest manufacturer in terms of output and has earned a reputation as the world’s factory. However, Manufacturing in China has been battered by a handful of problems, including weak innovative capacity and lack of core talents, poor construction of digital infrastructure, and high energy consumption. With the rapid development of technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and 5G, how to use digital technology to promote the transformation of manufacturing in R&D, manufacturing, operation and other links has become a breakthrough point and hot topic for solving current problems. Digital technology is redefining manufacturing.

The 5th China Manufacturing Digital Transformation Summit 2023 will focus on The Green and Digital Transformation of China’s Manufacturing, combined with best practice sharing, discussion of hot topics such as lighthouse factory, dark factory, 5G fully connected factory, sustainability lighthouse factory, digital talent, IT/OT convergence, digital and resilient supply chain, which aims to provide new ideas for manufacturers to realize digital transformation and accelerate to reshape and upgrade China’s Manufacturing.




3.VP of Digitization/Digital Transformation

4.R&D Director/Manager

5.Head /Director of Industry 4.0/Plant/Manufacturing Process/Facility/Intelligent Manufacturing

6.Marketing VP/Director/Head/Manager

7.Sales VP/Director/Head/Manager

8.Sustainable /carbon management head

9.Strategic Development VP/Director/Head

10.Business Development VP/Director/Head



Industry Sectors 

Consulting、Association、Telecommunication、Food and Beverage、Industry automation、Home appliance、Pharmacy and healthcare、FMCG、Chemistry、Electronic、Computing and IoT、Metal and material、Automotive、Supply chain/logistics、AI, Big data, Cloud、Digital twins

(Some confirmed participating enterprises)

Day One

1.Global Lighthouse Network-Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

2.How Does Digital Native Factory Embrace Digitalization and Sustainability

3.How Digital Technologies are Revolutionizing the Sustainable Manufacturing

4.E2E Manufacturing Lighthouse: Creating Value beyond the Factory Walls

5.IIoT Solution–The Key to Smart Manufacturing Future

6.Lighthouse Factory: A Continued Commitment to Digital Transformation

7.Harnessing the Power of Data to Accelerate Digital Transformation

8.Capturing the Value of Digital Transformation for Home Appliances Industry

9.A Chemical Manufacture’s Guide to a Successful Digital Transformation

10.The Role of Digital Transformation in Achieving Pharma 4.0

Day Two

11.Guidelines for 5G Fully Connected Factory

12.A Path to Automotive Dark Factory

13.Accelerating the Path to Digital Transformation by Advance Connected Solution

14.Glancing at the “Smartest” Lighthouse Factory of Heavy Machinery

15.Data Management Solution to Unlock the Manufacturing Intelligence

16.Transforming to a Digital, Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chain in the VUCA Age

17.Staring your Digital Transformation Journey with the Digitization of Procurement Functions

18.Digital Transformation, People First!

19.Industrial Automation at a Glance—IT/OT Convergence Technology





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Written by Cherry Cheng

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