Raise your physical, emotional and psychological well-being that ultimately strengthens your belief in the inner being. Get ready to encounter the next level of spiritual powers and consciousness. This programme is a holistic approach to nurture the mind, body and soul that will entirely change your attitude towards life.-

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Many people in the world are confused regarding their roles in family, society and even themselves. If you face such a confusion, it may be possible that your past roles, relationships and values may not be acceptable or appealing to you now. You may start questioning the objective of your life and various other things that had meaning for you previously. You seek the answers to your questions, like “Who am I”? and “ What is the objective of my life?” Transformation is the residential programme that will help you to answer these questions by generating self-awareness and soul-awakening. It is primarily for spiritual seekers who want to begin their spiritual journey and achieve well-being. It is also for the seekers who are lost in their way to their desired goals but want to explore their possibilities in life. It will also make them ready to work with divine energies, aura and energies chakras and full fledged exploration of life. 


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