Violence in Healthcare from Bullying to an Active Shooter

The healthcare environment creates a major challenge in the prevention and intervention of violence. The rate of injuries and illness from violence in the healthcare industry is more than three times greater than violence in all private industries. The COVID pandemic has caused an increase in violence against nurses and physicians. Healthcare organizations include hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical office clinics, home health care, home-based hospice, long-term care/memory care, paramedic and emergency medical services, mobile clinics, drug treatment programs, and ancillary healthcare organizations.

In the U.S. some states, such as California, have passed legislation specifically addressing violence in healthcare. OSHA identifies healthcare as one of three “high-risk” industries for violence and has written a Guidance document specifically outlining steps healthcare should take to combat the risk. Violence in healthcare is perpetrated not only by patients, their families, and visitors, but as well among the health professionals themselves.

This webinar will review the critical elements required to plan, design, develop, implement, and evaluate your healthcare organization’s violence prevention plan.


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Written by Ben Parker

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Violence in Healthcare from Bullying to an Active Shooter