Webinar | Market Research for Startups – The How & Why

Getting the right data at the right time can be all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful startup. 

YouTube was a video dating platform called Tune In, Hook Up before it was YouTube. They never got enough videos online to make any matches and Tune In was dying out.  The founders decided to resort to research to understand what the pain point was while sharing video content and pivoted to create the biggest video sharing platform. Getting the right product market fit can mean everything. 

Join us on this  Market Research for Startups Webinar where we’re going to be diving into ‘How startups can research a market with customer surveysI’. The aim of this session is to help entrepreneurs use surveys to test their business ideas. 

Key takeaways from the webinar –

How to research a market with customer surveys

Defining your target market

How to use a product market fit survey

Measuring willingness to pay for your offering

Channels and ways to find your target audience

If you aren’t able to make it to the Webinar we will be sending the recording to everyone who registered so you can watch it at your convenience. 


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