Workshop on Better Conversations Every Day™ (BCE)

Better Conversations Everyday™ Workshop by Centum-CCL Leadership Academy, India

Better Culture Starts with Better Conversations

Imagine a workforce with the courage and skill to unearth truth, grapple with difficult issues, unlock collaboration, and create a liberating space for discovery and action — in real time, while doing real work.

It’s possible, with a feedback culture where people feel free to hold candid conversations with one another. Scale coaching skills and create a climate of feedback at your organization with a foundation of better conversations.

Build Better Outcomes & Scale Coaching Skills to Create a Feedback Culture at Your Organization.

What Participants Learn in This Workshop

Build Better Outcomes & Scale Coaching Skills to Create a Feedback Culture at Your Organization

Better Conversations Every Day™ applies a simple and practical approach to teaching a set of complex skills. We focus on 4 core behaviors applied to real workplace challenges to build the trust, psychological safety, collaboration, inclusion, resilience, and emotional intelligence needed to thrive in today’s hybrid work environment. As a result of participating in this coaching conversations training program, participants will be able to:

  • Break down silos and communication barriers.
  • Develop the conversation and coaching skills needed to thrive in the hybrid workforce
  • Unlock employee engagement
  • Accelerate emotional intelligence at every level
  • Address issues with openness and respect
  • Transform performance management with a feedback culture
  • Scale a candid coaching culture across your entire organization

What Challenges Can Coaching Conversations Address?

The skills taught in Better Conversations Every Day™ go far beyond simple conversations. They enable leaders to meet a variety of challenges, inside and outside the workplace:

  • Leading and sustaining culture change
  • Confidently managing high-stakes negotiations
  • Establishing or improving relationships
  • Embracing diversity
  • Developing and retaining talent to support the future needs of the organization
  • Bolstering resilience and reducing burnout

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