Alcoa will attend the European Green Aluminum Summit 2023

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👏 Rosa Garcia Pineiro from Alcoa will attend the European Green Aluminum Summit 2023 as one of the speakers!

⭐ Speech topic: Roadmap for Sustainability in the Aluminum Industry ♻ ♻

🌟 About Rosa M. García Piñeiro:

Rosa M. García Piñeiro is Alcoa Sustainability Vice-president and President of Alcoa Foundation since November 2016. Previously, she served as Global Director of Sustainability since September 2015.

Rosa joined Alcoa in 1999 to work as an Environmental Engineer for the San Ciprian Smelter and Refinery in Spain. In 2001, she moved to the Corporate EHS Audit Department, working with the North American and European Audit Teams first in Pittsburgh and then in Madrid. In 2003, she moved back to San Ciprian to take over the Environmental Department as Environmental Manager for the Smelter and the Refinery.

In 2005 Rosa moved into a European position as Director Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) for the Primary Products business, where she stayed for three years, taking in 2008 the responsibility for EHS and Sustainability for the region.

Rosa expanded her role in 2012, when she was appointed Director of Government Affairs in addition to her role in Sustainability. In her new function she had responsibility for coordinating and overseeing government interactions in the different countries where Alcoa has interests across Europe.

In March 2014 Rosa was named President of Alcoa Spain, where her main target was to obtain an energy framework favorable for the energy intensive industry at national level.

Rosa serves in the Board of Directors of the Alcoa Foundation since 2012 and in the Advisory Board of the School of Mining Engineers of Madrid since 2014. From March 2014 to September 2015 Rosa was President of the Board of Alcoa Inversiones España, the holding group financing Alcoa operations in Europe, Middle East and Brazil. In 2003 she was named “Woman Worth Watching” by the Diversity journal.

She is passionate of Diversity and Education and supports different organizations in coaching and teaching programs.

Rosa is holder of a master degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Vigo (Spain), a master degree in Environmental Engineering from Escuela de Organización Industrial – University of Madrid (Spain), an Executive MBA from the Haute École de Comerce – University of Geneva (Switzerland) and a master degree in Commodity Trading from the Geneva School of Business (Switzerland). Of Spanish nationality, Rosa speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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For details of the summit and registration, please go to the summit website or contact by email. 👉



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Written by Cherry Cheng

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