Apsara curse, REMOVED! Call with The Decrees!

The Apsara curse is an ancient curse that makes beautiful, attractive women pay a price for their beauty… Whether it is jealous controlling mothers, settling for less than you deserve or attracting misogynist partners, fighting for what you want, the curse does not want you to be celebrated for how amazing, gorgeous and sexy you are!

Check if you have the Apsara curse:

1. Are you beautiful/attractive/handsome? (Even if you don’t believe it, be honest)

2. Do you have or have had a jealous parent? Mother or father?

3. Do you attract insecure, jealous, abusive, toxic partners?

4. Have you been stopped from speaking up/singing/ dancing/ artistry?

5. Have you paid a price for being beautiful/attractive/handsome?

6. Are you hiding your gifts and wisdom behind weight or isolation or silence?

7. Are you giving away your gifts for free because the thought of asking for money (value) is


8. Are you drawn to the mystical arts?

9. Are you often complimented on your looks, but don’t really believe it?

10. Do you believe you have to work harder than most others?

If you have said yes to more than 7, you could be dealing with the Apsara’s curse. 

You can definitely heal it with The Decrees- these are a set of one, two, three or four words that work at the speed of thought & give instantaneous results that you can sense and feel immediately! 

They take just a few seconds to say and are the fastest manifesting tool in the world!

This is an online call hosted by Nidhu B Kapoor, the owner & sharer of the world’s fastest, simplest, easiest manifestation technology, The Decrees!

Take advantage of this Pay-as-you-wish call & signup here:


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Written by Drishti Talreja

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