China Consumer Health Digital Innovation Summit 2024

China Consumer Health Digital Innovation Summit 2024


Date: May 21-22, 2024

Place: Shanghai, China

Organizer: ECV International

Tickets: Offline (On-site) &Online (Live Broadcast).

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With the continuous promotion of the Healthy China 2030 Initiative, the consumer health market is growing stronger, reflecting the advance of health consumption awareness and the enhancement of self-health management awareness. In the post-COVID-19 era, the consumer health market has shown remarkable resilience and vitality.

This summit will bring together medical and health experts, business leaders, retail pharmacy experts, and industry peers to discuss the core topics of consumer health industry, forecast the diversified needs of consumer health in the future, and help the rapid development of consumer health industry!

Hot Points

  • In the post-COVID-19 era, from serious medical care to family-centered health management.
  • AIGC technology inspires new growth in health marketing.
  • Health awareness drives the development of the OTC market.
  • Supplements and food with special functions continue to grow rapidly.
  • Recovery of consumer healthcare.
  • Digital health management.

Hot Topics

  • Prospect of China’s Health Consumption Trend in 2030.
  • AIGC Empowers Healthy Consumption and New Marketing Increment.
  • Decoding Omni-marketing of Health Brand.
  • How to Deploy the “Dual Development Modes” of Household Medical Device E-commerce + Private Domain.
  • How Digital Marketing Empowers OTC Performance Growth.
  • Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Innovation of Health Consumption in Out-of-hospital Retail Market.
  • Big Data Drives the Health Management of Customers’ Whole Life Cycle.
  • Build Digital Oral Ecological Chain: How to Realize the Double Transformation of Business and Experience in Oral Healthcare.
  • In the Second Half of Medical Cosmetology Track, from to B to to C, Create a New Growth Curve.
  • ……and more

Who should attend


Consulting, OTC, Supplements, Food with special functions, Household medical device, Wearable health device, Oral medical care, Ophthalmologic medical care, Medical cosmetology, Physical examination organization, E-commerce platform, Digital solutions for health…


CEO/COO/CMO/CDO/CIO, VP/Director/Manager of Digital Marketing, VP/Director/Manager of e-commerce, Vice President/Director/Manager of CHC, Vice President/Director/Manager of OTC, Vice President/Director/Manager of BD, Head of Consumer Health , Head of Consumer Interaction…

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