China Sustainable Fuel Summit 2023_ECV International

Event Date/ Location / Organizer

December 7-8, 2023 / SHANGHAI, CHINA

The summit will be held in-person and online.

Simultaneous interpretation (Chinese and English translation).

Event Highlights

More than 15keynote speecheson sharing the best cases, including on-site Q&A  sessions, brought together the latest global trendcases;

Conduct direct and in-depth on-site communication with more than 200 key industry decision makers to find opportunities for further cooperation;

Combine online promotion with offline promotion to enhance brand influence;


Sustainable fuels are produced from renewable and /or alternative feedstocks, such as plant, vegetable or industrial waste. Sustainable fuels can help reduce greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions which helps to protect the natural environment compared to conventional fossil fuels, the adoption of sustainable fuels can bring about great benefits for sectors where decarbonization is more complicated such as aviation, heavy-duty road freight, and maritime transportation. Despite the advantages of renewable fuels, sustainable fuels still have problems to be solved, such as high cost and insufficient output, their use is still in its infancy.

China Sustainable Fuel Summit 2023 will bring together over 200 delegates to hear from sustainable fuels experts to discuss the key topics and cutting-edge technologies, providing a high-level and prestigious platform for the exchange of ideas and accelerating the goal of energy transition and Net-zero 2050.

Hot topics

The Road to Ner-Zero 2050: Global Sustainable Fuel Trend and Outlook;

Fueling the Future with Sustainable Fuel;

Developing SAF(Sustainable Aviation Fuel) to Meet Aviation Decarbonization Target;

HEFA(Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids) SAF Accelerates Greener Skies;

Advanced Catalytic and Conversion Process Enables Sustainable Fuel Production;

Gasification and Fischer-Tropsch (G+FT) Process: A Key Step to Achieving Aviation’s Climate Goal;

Panel Discussion: How Partners Across the Value Chain Join Forces to Ramp Up Production and Reduce Carbon Footprint for Sustainable Fuel;

Pretreatment and Purification Solution for Sustainable Fuel Feedstocks;

Bridging the Gap between Waste Sources and SAF by Alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) Technology;

Power-to-Liquids(PTL) Roadmap: Fuelling the Aviation Energy Transition;

UCO(Used Cooking Oil)-based HVO(Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) Driven by Suspension Bed Hydrogenation Process;

Unlocking the Power of Cellulosic Ethanol in Sustainable Transportation Sector;

Engineering Design and Plant Integration Solutions for Sustainable Fuel Facility;

How Carbon Neutral e-Fuels Can Accelerate a Sustainable Transportation;

How Do e-Methanol-fueled Cars Drive Us Forward to an Emissionless Future;

Capturing the Potential of Ammonia for Green Marine;

How Can Bio-LNG Meet the Demand for Energy Efficiency and Low Emissions in the Maritime Sector;

A Guide to Getting a Sustainable Fuel Certification; 

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