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The EnergizeHER™ Summit offers the women’s self-care panel and mental health & wellness panel where impactful women will provide discussions for women of color in an open conversation among women of different ages, backgrounds and experiences.  It aims to bring together a community of women of color to discuss strategies, tips and techniques for practicing self-care and tending to our mental wellness in a culturally-sensitive and mindful manner.


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We’ll be hosting two panels:  Self-Care panel and Mental Health & Wellness panel.

The discussion will cover various topics such as mental health awareness, physical wellness, spiritual practices and emotional wellbeing, with an emphasis on how these practices intersect with the unique experiences and challenges faced by women of color as they fulfill their many roles of woman, wife, significant other, mom, sister, aunt, niece and friend.  

The panelists will share their insights and experiences on how they prioritize self-care, navigate systemic oppression and maintain their identities while practicing self-love.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the importance of self-care and practical tools for minding their mental wellness business in their daily lives.  

Life & Mental Wellness resources made especially for women.

EnergizeHER is the leading company with a wellness community dedicated to women of color leaders and focused on eliminating disparities in mental wellness care.  Our mission is to educate and provide women of color leaders with health & wellness tools needed to identify, assess, deal + heal and empower today, while energizing powerful leaders for tomorrow.

energizeHER provides access to certified professionals who possess relevant knowledge & experience via live and virtual programs and meetups.  

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About Tameka Chapman

As a woman who endured a 15-year struggle of not prioritizing her own mental wellness, Founder Tameka Chapman knows what it’s like to feel lost and uncertain about life.  Desiring to create a world where prioritizing your life & mental health + wellness is destigmatized and the conversations are normalized, she founded
ENERGIZEHER to be the life & mental wellness resource for women of color.  

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