FREE Masterclass: Awakening the Doctor Within with NBK

FREE Masterclass:  Awakening the Doctor Within with Nidhu B Kapoor

PLUS 9 more healers’ live calls & replays.

PLUS GET Gifts: Astrology-Rudraksha E-book & Stress-buster Audio


• The #1 surprising, even shocking solution to your greatest health

• The One Great Word to self-diagnose that also heals!

• The 2 most dangerous sentences (that you could be saying, thinking or feeling) that are currently blocking your recovery

• 1 minute immunity booster multi-dimensional practice to start your mornings

• 15 immunity boosters you didn’t know were immunity boosters (experience them on the call itself!)

• How your chronic health problem covers the real cause

• What digestion really, really is!

• How sitting and chatting can improve your digestion!

• LOTS MORE to be covered on Nidhu’s demo calls too!

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You will sense the shifts immediately as you say these power packed words, including the one Great Word that can move mountains! Her OG workshops include The Chronic Project Protocol, Apsara Curse Removal, Entity removal with words, Flatter Belly With just saying Words, Weight release with Words, Awakening The flower within, Awakening The Empress within, Awakening The Millionaire within, The ultimate pain reliever and Anti-Allergies by just saying words. Be it Jenni’s diabetes, Priya’s acidity, Tina’s neuropathy, K’s cancer, Veena’s lower back pain, Deborah’s shoulder pain, Amish’s cold, Anjali’s neck hump, or — excess weight, the results have not just been astounding, they have also taken place in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort. Word Medicine works in moments and there’s nothing faster in the world! It is the language of light, the language of ascension, the language of the superconscious and best of all, you will be able to use them too once you know them!

Owner & sharer of these supersonic Commands, Nidhu B Kapoor is the world’s only practitioner doing 5 and 10 minute sessions, that’s how quickly Word Medicine works!

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