European EV Thermal Management Innovation Summit 2023

✨ ✨ #European #EV #ThermalManagement Innovation #Summit 2023 will be held in Frankfurt on June 5-6. 👏 👏

This summit will closely follow the latest industry trends and key technologies applications of EV thermal management under the background of “Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality”.

The poster lists the speakers and some wonderful speech topics of the summit. 👍 👍

The summit will be held in-person and online, if you are interested in attending, you can contact us or visit the summit website.

European EV Thermal Management Innovation Summit 2023 is looking forward to your arrival! 😄 😄

Industry Division

Associations and R&D Institutes ; Thermal Management Technologies and Insights Advisory Services ; OEMs ; Integrated Thermal Management ; Battery Management Systems ; Electrical Power Systems ; Smart Thermal Control Systems ; Electronics Components Suppliers ; Data-Driven Analysis ; HVAC and Thermal Comfort ; 3D Simulation and Testing ; Thermal Materials Suppliers ; Sensors and Chips ; Refrigerants ; Thermal Management EV Fluids ; Connection and Sealing ; Chillers ; Heat Pumps ; Electric Compressors ; Smart Thermal Control Valves ; Cooling Water Pumps ; Thermal Evaporation Systems ; Passenger Cabin Suppliers


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