Apsara curse, phobias and curses, REMOVED! Call with NBK

Curses happen more easily than we realise. A bad thought about someone, wishing for someone to be punished, feeling unwanted and rejected, deep anger and hatred towards someone – all of these become a curse energy and latch onto us. And vice versa.

A cord, chain, rope energy then gets set up between us and another

In this week of mental health, it crossed my mind that curses are a bit like phobia – they rule our lives without us realising them except in certain situations

Ergo, we shall let go of some phobias too!

We will also pay attention to the Apsara curse, an ancient curse that plagues beautyFULL, gorgeous, attractive women and makes them believe they can’t have it all

You gotta see how Words can UNCAST these limitations!!

Take advantage of this Pay-as-you-wish call and if you can’t make it to the call, you will get a replay too!

Reserve your seat today!

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Please mention the call name “May New Moon Call” while making the payment


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Written by Drishti Talreja


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