European EV Thermal Management Innovation Summit 2023

#European #EV #Thermal #Management Innovation #Summit 2023 will be held soon! 😄 😄

🕰 Time: June 5-6

📍 Location: Frankfurt, Germany

We are honored to invite Thomas Desbarats as one of the speakers of the summit. 👏 👏

Thomas started his career working for French automotive manufacturers. In 2011, after more than ten years of performing 3D CFD, thermal simulation, and system simulation, he joined Siemens and became the presales manager of the 1D application engineers team in France for five years. From 2016 to 2021, he focused on thermal and energy management applications for customers worldwide, always trying to find the best way to effectively deploy simulation in engineering teams. Since 2021, he leverages all these experiences as product manager for Simcenter Thermal Systems to deliver the best possible alignment between users’ daily needs and Siemens solution.

We believe that everyone will gain a lot from Thomas’s wonderful speech. ✨ ✨

The European EV Thermal Management Innovation Summit is looking forward to your arrival. You can go to the official website of the summit to inquire about how to attend the summit.


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Written by Cherry Cheng

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