Talk your heart out in times of need – Connecting Helpline

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• How sharing and just being heard can save a life!

• What to do when you need support but can’t find around you

• Safe, Non-advisory, non-judgemental listening

• Introduction to free helpline to reach out to when you are feeling distressed

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ABOUT Connecting Helpline:

Connecting Helpline as an NGO, was started in 2005 by Arnavaz Damania and a group of concerned citizens. It is based in Pune and works towards suicide prevention by providing mindful, non-judgmental and non-advisory listening to individuals and communities as well as empowering them to do the same for themselves and for the individuals and communities around them.

With a strong 17+ years of experience in this field with strong programs at the prevention, intervention and postvention levels, its mission is to create and enable a cohesive and comprehensive community of mindful listeners, within the organisation and outside, that can support people who are going through emotional distress and/or feeling suicidal

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