European Automotive Decarbonization And Sustainability Summit

👏 👏 🎉 🎉 We are pleased to announce that AFRY is the Presentation Sponsor of the European Automotive Decarbonization And Sustainability Summit 2024! 🚗 🌱

✨ Mr. Steffen Schaefer and Mr. Morgan Boerjesson from AFRY will deliver wonderful speeches at the conference.

🔹 About AFRY 🔹 :

We at AFRY Management Consulting are committed to accelerating change towards a sustainable world in the interest of future generations. We are passionate about transforming industries and creating value for clients and society. We strongly believe that change happens when exceptional people with brave ideas come together.

AFRY Management Consulting works globally to address challenges and opportunities in the energy, bioindustry, infrastructure, industrial and future mobility sectors through:

•    Strategic advice

•    Forward looking market analysis

•    Organisational and digital transformation

•    M&A and transaction services

•    Sustainability consulting

With more than 700 consultants across over 20 offices on 5 continents, and supported by 19,000 experts at AFRY in design, engineering and digitalisation, we are driven by the idea of helping our clients find solutions to business-critical questions.

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😊 Don’t miss the chance to communicate with AFRY.

🌱 🌱 Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the path to Automotive Decarbonization And Sustainability with industry leaders.

😆 Looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt, Germany on March 19-20!

For more information and register for the summit, please visit 👉 🔗:

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Written by Cherry Cheng

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